Please Tell Me You DON’T Do This!

Please Tell Me You DON’T Do This!

Posted on May 2nd, 2023

I am sure you know, driving is a risk no matter what the conditions are. And remember this phrase, “rushing often compromises safety”. Joe, here, jumped up just in time to get ready and RUSH off to work. “Nuts, the windshield is iced over. I gotta get going.” So, he starts the car and scrapes off just enough ice for him to see out, and off he goes, hoping the windshield will defrost quickly.

Now I know you would never rush yourself into a dangerous situation. You’d never do this right? You go out and start your car, let it warm up with the front and rear defroster on and when you can see completely out of ALL of the windows you go. Or perhaps you do speed the process up a bit by scraping. But you never, never drive like Joe where he could hardly see out of the windshield. Right????

Seriously, people like Joe do this all the time and cause many accidents that injure and kill people. It is not worth it. Get up and ready a bit earlier, check the forecast, and worst-case scenario, be a little late …. but be safe, and stay ALIVE!

“Anyone seen Joe? He didn’t come in today.”

It’s your decision!!!!

A Message from Allen Daugherty and PHASE – Preventive Health and Safety Engagement

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