Things that people say that they shouldn't!

Things that people say that they shouldn't!

Preventive Health and Safety Engagement

Statements that people should never make ….. but do!

1. I know I shouldn’t cut the grass because it is wet, but I will be careful.

2. I really don’t need anyone steadying the ladder.

3. Someday, we need to get a couple smoke detectors.

4. I am just weed-eating a little. I don’t need my goggles.

5. I should quit smoking but I’m still young.

6. I can change this outlet out without turning that breaker off.

7. It saw some lightning, we better hurry to get these last two holes of golf in.

8. I know it says it takes two to lift this box, but I can do it.

9. The step ladder is out in the garage, I’ll just use this chair.

10. My doctor has been bugging me. I’ll get that colonoscopy next year

11. I keep my safety off when I am hunting so I can shoot quicker.

12. I just going a few miles away, I don’t need my seatbelt for that.

13. I get my car inspected at Jo’s Tires, they just slap a new sticker on.

14. I know the beach flags are red, but the tide doesn’t seem that rough.

15. I’ll start eating right when I get older.

16. I forgot my life preserver, but we are not going too far out on the lake.

17. I see the crack in the sidewalk. I’ll fix it one of these days.

18. Mammograms hurt. I think I am OK.

19. If I get on the ladder, I think I can reach that limb with the chainsaw.

20. I am not texting and driving but I do want to see who it was from.

21. OK little fella, I’ll let you sit up front this one time. We are not going far.

22. I should slow down on these windy roads but I am already late.

23. That baby is really crawling everywhere. We better think about getting the socket covers someday.

24. I don’t need to exercise. My heart rate gets plenty high at work.

25. I forgot to lock the gate to the pool. No one goes near it though.

26. There would really be no place to hang a fire extinguisher and besides, we have never had even a small fire.

27. The wire is showing in that cord. If it gets worse, I’ll put some electrician tape on it.

28. I think if I floor it, I can beat that red light.

29. Vaccines aren’t any good. You can still get the flu.

30. If I tailgate that slowpoke, maybe he will speed up.

31. I don’t need a helmet to ride a bicycle.

32. I am not sure what is at the bottom of the hill, but I am still going to fly down there on my sled.

33. I know that this isn’t the beginner’s slope but I will be careful.

34. I have been shooting for years and I don’t wear those silly earplugs.

35. There is my ring, don’t touch the garbage disposal switch till I get it out.

36. See who can hold the firecracker the longest.

37. I know I am overweight. But it doesn’t really bother me.

38. OK, see if you can break the record on the four-wheeler through the woods.

39. Let’s set our bike ramp over that big ditch.

40. That dog looks friendly, I don’t think it will bite.

41. We don’t have any water to put the campfire out but it will die out soon.

42. If they sell the toys in a toy store, they have to be safe.

43. They asked me if I ever had high blood pressure. Ha, I told them I never check it.

44. All infant car seats are basically the same.

45. I don’t need sunscreen; it’s supposed to be a little cloudy later.

46. I don’t need to stretch, let’s go running.

47. It’s supposed to warm up a bit. The ice on the porch steps will probably melt.

48. Let’s just dive in. The water looks deep enough.

49. I know it’s a no passing zone but no one is coming.

50. I never see a doctor. If it isn’t broke, no need to fix it.

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