It’s the Most DANGEROUS Time of the Year …. for House Fires!

It’s the Most DANGEROUS Time of the Year …. for House Fires!

Posted on October 26, 2023

The National Fire Prevention Association (NFPA) tells us that a higher number of house fires take place between November and March than in any other period of the year. In fact, 46% of house fires occur in this 5-month period. Sadly, 55% of house fire fatalities also occur during this time.

There are many factors that contribute to this heightened season of fires. These include various types of heating, increased cooking and baking, candles, added electrical items (lights, etc), Christmas trees, and smoking inside due to the colder weather.

It is so important to reduce as many house fire risks as possible all year round but to be even more aware during these winter months.

Let’s discuss just a few. Answer these questions honestly.

  1. Do you have working smoke detectors and do you check them regularly? This seems like a no-brainer but here are some very sad statistics. 41% of all fatalities caused by house fires were in houses without smoke detectors and another 16% in homes with non-functioning smoke detectors (NFPA).
  2. Do you have fire extinguishers in fire-risk areas like the garage, kitchen, basement, and at least one on each floor? Does everyone old enough in your family know how to use them?
  3. If your house is older than 20 years old, when was the last time you had your wiring and electrical box inspected?
  4. How often do you clean lint out of your dryer vent, hose, and inside the dryer?
  5. Are you careful using extension cords, using surge protectors where appropriate?
  6. Do you have a rope ladder upstairs to create an escape route in case you can’t get down the stairs?
  7. Have all furnaces and portable heaters (especially kerosene) been checked for proper functioning?
  8. Do people smoke in your home and if so, what is done to ensure safety?
  9. Last but not least, do you have a PLAN? Does everyone in the family know what to do and where to meet should there be a fire? A house fire is a very scary thing and additionally, excitement and chaos can cause injury or even worse. Have a plan and practice it. (Yes, have an occasional fire drill in your home.)

Now these tips are just a few things that can help prevent and keep you safe in case of a fire. Do some research to find more ideas and prepare your prevention and your plan.

A message from Allen Daugherty (Preventive Health and Safety Engagement / PHASE)

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