I Just Read One Text

I Just Read One Text

Posted on May 2nd, 2023

Now I want to amaze you with my mathematical skills. If you are driving at 60mph, that is equal to 1 mile a minute and that equals 88 feet per second. Now why is that so important? Well, if you happen to look down to text while you are driving or read a text, and it takes you 2 seconds, you will travel 176 feet not watching the road. That is over half a football field. Imagine where you could end up or what you could hit in that brief 2 seconds.  

OK, more math. In that same two seconds, a car coming in the other direction going the same speed could be 352 feet away (117 yards) and you would meet in that same 2 seconds. Guess what could happen? How many needless deaths and injuries have occurred because of that very thing?  

I had a friend that was driving home one day and a teenager in the other lane was changing CDs. She drifted into his lane and hit him head-on. She survived but he didn’t.  

Driving is a very serious activity. It demands our full attention. Here’s a plan. 

  1. Make all necessary calls before you get into the car.  
  2. Put your phone on silent in the back seat.  
  3.  If someone calls, answer with your handsfree device or car accessory. 4. If something comes up where you just have to make a call, if you can’t do it via your car, pull over and make the call. 

Don’t give yourself a chance to make a 2-second mistake that could cost you or someone else a life.

A message from P.H.A.S.E.

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